Flexible Solutions for Companies

As the company with rich experience we offer systems which are able to adept up to the specificity of your company. Our professionals will help you to choose the most optimal system as well as suggest the alteration up to your specificity.

Professional Service

We have plenty of people which in the businesslike and accurate way are able to help with the problem solving. Our team has a implementators, consultans and developer/programmers which can show numerous certificates off the Microsoft and Comarch.

Advanced database reports

Thanks with numerous training our developers got the knowledge letting then make for you almost every report.

Professional implementations

Into the effect of products offered by us to numerous implementations the Know-how is ours on the highest level. It is reducing problems with which you can come yourself across during the inappropriate purchase of providing software at the unsuitable supplier into the significant way.

Our competence

Systems offered by us are most willingly chosen systems of every sector in Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises. Up to all types of enterprises he caused the quality, the Functionality and the adjustability the fact that systems offered by Serenity Group are systems most willingly and most often chosen to manage a company.

ERP systems for all industries


Providing software to the management for small and enabling medium-sized enterprises retaining the full control above crucial business processes, streamlining the supply chain and getting analytical knowledge essential for employees for the effective execution of tasks.


Efficient, fast and mobile tools for modern enterprises the Service is facilitating Office 365 work in pace adapted for needs of the company.


For big and of medium-sized enterprises about the extended structure and diversified froms of the activity, including production or service, a Comarch ERP XL system is being dedicated – most willingly chosen solving the ERP class in Poland, with the number of over 4000 implementations.


The most popular in Poland program created to the management small and with medium-sized enterprises from every industry. Thanks to solutions built in he is a most willingly selected programme amongst accounting offices and tax advisers. Optimie trusted above 60 000 of Customers.


With the help OptiMED24 which is a program being used to manage is coming with medical institutions. Thanks to modules is possible in straight to adapt to way system irrespective of an organization chart of the implementing agency.


In Dynamics NAV a possibility is letting Power BI analyse information in every place in the world, both in the registered office for company as well as in the course of the business trip. It is possible thanks to putting all data from the system in the cloud.