The Comarch ERP Altum 2016.5.5 latest version and Comarch Retail 2016.5.5 are already available.

The Comarch ERP Altum latest version is cooperating with Comarch Retail, as well as with also a brand new Comarch Retail POS application, created from scratch and designed according to the latest trend and needs of Customers. Thanks to applying the new method of the data exchange in Comarch Retail POS, which relies on sending small data decks, the cooperation of many POS devices in the same time with the head office is acting very productively.

Functionalities Comarch Retail POS has among others:

– Issuing receipts and invoices
– Customer complaint
– Accepting returns with using corrections of receipts or invoices
– Taking in merchandise through the personnel of documents Mm-, MM+
– Transfer operation of goods between shops
– Taking the cash along with the service of KP and KW documents,
– Possibility of the monitoring of inventory balances of available goods at other wards
– Work opportunities of many operators in one point of sale through the possibility of assigning the employee for the trade

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