Comarch ERP latest version Optima


Nicely for us to announce that there is already an accessible COMARCH ERP latest version 2016.5.1 Optima. The newest scene of the system is an adaptation of the program to amendments to provisions of law as well as a lot of novelties which to a large extent they are making rich of attraction of the system.

  • Changes in the Comarch  ERP latest version Optima connected as amended in provisions as amended in provisions it among others:
  • Possibility of the export of required data into the Uniform Test File
  • Possibility of the dispatch of the CIT-8 declaration (24) to the e system Declarations
  • A possibility of calculating Annual Declarations on forms applying in a year to 2016 was implemented: tax return – 28(19), PIT – 36(23), PIT-36L(12), PIT-37 (23), CIT-8(24)

Novelties which are deserving the particular attention in COMARCH ERP 2016.5.1 Optima it among others:

  • Merging of cards contracting parties.
  • Automatic taking enabled for trips with the National Bank of Poland of the Rating Courses stayed.
  • Virtual channels were inserted in the Stationary Version.
  • They enabled to take Correction of the value added tax out for the outside edition.
  • A possibility for cooperation was implemented with Payment Terminals.

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