4 January 2017

Comarch ERP Optima


Uniform Control File in the Comarch ERP Optima

Uniform Control File is a data set, created from computer systems of business entity through the direct export of data, which contains information about business transactions in the given period, it has an arrangement and a format (XML scheme) enabling simple processing.

From 1 July 2016 the new principles concerning the tax audit came into effect. New provisions oblige entrepreneurs to handing over accurate tax data to organs of tax audit. One should generate and then send this information in the UCF electronic version (in closely determined scheme of Uniform Control File). Therefore it is necessary to adapt company’s computer systems.

Thanks to ergonomic solutions, Comarch ERP Optima system supports UCF file easily and transparently. Comarch ERP Optima system is verifying UCF files in terms of data correctness according to outlines delivered from the Ministry of Finance, users have a guarantee of the cohesion and correctness of data, which is being sent to controlling organs.

If you have questions about UCF feel free to contact us.