23 May 2016

Bookkeeeping and finances

In the today operating companies in different industries in order to keep the high level of competitiveness must be able to administer own funds. Well the selected and personalized program enables by the small additional circulation to control the very important business department – of bookkeeping and finances. It allows for the constant access to the information about the financial position of our company and possible correction. Being up to date from yes with important information we will avoid rude awakenings what will allow to protect interests of the company.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The bookkeeping and the financial management into the Dynamics NAV Microsoft are intended for small and medium enterprises. The program is making available accounting for the full bookkeeping using charts of accounts and budgets. Even if companies are using outside specialists for settling accounts of accountants, along with the development companies want to have a direct and current access to information associated with financial circles. Apart from basic available functionalities in other programs the Dynamics NAV Microsoft offers extensions allowing for better administering costs (bill of charges) and forecasting the cash flow (cash flow).


So far in such a way that it has often been different data was stored in separate programmes and the comprehensive monitoring of the state of the company was hampered. Dynamics NAV Microsoft through the dataflow between different cannon and storing them in one shared base is backing the management up with various processes. It is possible into the simple way to integrate him with such systems as the CRM (managing relations with the customer) or SCM (managing the supply chain). Consolidating many pieces of information in the system allows for the simple guidance with business starting from the production schedule, through orders of the sale for marketing campaigns.

The Dynamics NAV Microsoft is an also perfect tool for creating financial statements. The personalization of the reporting and analytical system lets in the fast way compare only information material for our company. He enables it to supervise production costs, fixed assets and the wrestling. Thanks to that systematically we can correct the corporate strategy and make decisions increasing our effectiveness and the competitiveness.

Compatibility Dynamics NAV Microsoft with popular programs from the package Microsoft Office so how Word, Excel, Outlook are increasing the application of the system not limiting the system to own formats. The program is also integrated with the platform SharePoint Microsoft used for the communication and the exchange of documents transferring the cooperation to higher other level and enlarging the functionality of the system in the process.


Comarch OPTIMA

The bookkeeping and the financial management in Comarch Optima are being dedicated to small and of medium-sized enterprises. The system offers accounting with the lump sum, revenue and expense ledger and accounting department kontowej. The system all the time is being monitored in terms of the compliance with applicable regulations. The multi-currency and the multilingualism are supporting the expansion of the company into foreign markets. The constant access to the information about the state of finances in our company is unusually significant in the process of the decision making influencing the business politics. The cooperation of all OPTIMY modules allows for fast getting information global, important for us.

Comarch ERP Optima of BI Analysis is an additional module which lets in an accessible way report. In analysis he doesn’t walk after all for taking all available data out, and only of the ones most crucial. Whether reports are supposed to be very straight or also complicated is not essential – drafting them causes no problems what allows to save time. Well conducted analysis lets the operations of the company the better preview letting compare results with made assumptions and if necessary quickly enter correction in the business activity.