24 May 2016

Law firms


In the law firm an efficient service and effective action are a base of the work. In functioning storing many data in the safe place, to which they should have an access is a key only designated persons. Next essential by the efficient office a division of duties and a fast flow of information are a matter between employees. Using the appropriate programme it is possible considerably to facilitate implementations of exchanged objectives for itself. Comarch ERP Optima according to the ranking the Law and the Business of the “financial paper” are an most often chosen system through law firms.

For causing this success a mainly extended module contributed CRM thanks to which it is possible among others:

Fast registration of the new client along with all documents.

The presentation of all the information concerning the customer and his services.

Monitoring the current condition of works of the office. Attributing tasks to chosen employees, and then controlling their progress and due dates is possible.

Thorough planning the work, along with writing every meeting or the conversation in the timetable having functions of reminding.

Establishing cyclical invoices which let for fast taking out an invoice.

In the event that for large firms the office needs to account for the work oneself every month too made work. Modules of the Invoice and the Service in the simple way allow on:

Creating the list of orders,

Describing orders in every state of the realization,

Analysis of performed activities for individual employees,

Planning of the lead time to commission,

Generating reports of performed works,

Automatic generating invoices.

The module of Analysis is ensuring the access to key data of the company portrayed on very straight in the workmanship transparent graphs. Thanks to that for module is possible among others:

Creating lists of debtors of the enterprise,

Verifying costs of the remuneration in the chosen period,

Keeping up with the situation of appropriations in accounting accounts,

Generating detailed reports of all areas of activity.

The Comarch company offers also providing software in the service model – Comarch ERP Optima. In this model the software is installed on servers of the Comarch company (Comarch Center Date), and the user is having access to him through the web browser.

Such a form of the work with the system is bringing a lot of benefit among others:

Access to application 24 h/day,

Data security,

Gain in time,

Reduction of costs of administration.

Additional possibility, with which Comarch ERP end users are gaining Optima there is a possibility of using the unique iKsięgowość 24 service. It is innovative platform of the communication between customers searching for services of accountants and accounting offices, which lets the outsourcing of services of accountants to specialist accounting offices according to individual needs of the company.


Applying the electronic document flow it is possible to save quite a lot of time on finding needed materials. Office 365 allows for the document storage in the cloud, what it is possible to open and to edit thanks to files from every place in the world from such appliances like computers smartfony whether tablets. A company is ensuring the data protection Microsoft, which is following all recipes concerning storing personal details and confidential. A SharePoint Microsoft is a service which lets for creating the electronic document flow, what it is possible exactly to plan, by which employee will have an access to data in appropriate stage of works. Registering the incoming mail behind the agency is a significant function with which he provides SharePoint of entering primary data of the document, and then assigning them to the those responsible for accepting. Cataloguing of paper versions documents is a next cork through for sorting of them in filing cabinets with the stuck bar code. To every document it is possible to assign the type in order next to grant the knowing ring binder him, where later documents of the given kind will be finding their way. Such a solution allows for fast and simple finding appropriate documents by the lorry Office 365, and then of their paper equivalents.