23 May 2016

Medical institution

In times of the intense competition amongst medical institutions, every improvement allowing to be efficient, more organized allows for holding current and building new, of good relations with patients. Modern methods allow to abandon old ways of running institutions. All data, stored in one place they are available to authorised users irrespective of the place of staying them. This also simple administering information enables supporting the work of the study, the reception, commercial institutions or whole networks of institutions.




A safety of stored data is an important OptiMED24 feature. The system enables to create backups in accordance with regulations of the Department of Health. Outside servers about which the safety is caring are being used for the recording Comarch company. The program all the time is subject to an update in order to stay in accordance with regulations. Constant dictionaries of the base of medicines are subject to refreshing and medical.



The modular design of the program means that it is possible to apply it at many all sorts institutions of the medical sector irrespective of their internal organisation. His integrity is an important feature of the program with other programs. The connection with Comarch ERP Opitma allows for comprehensive managing the unit. It is possible also to effect the join with laboratory systems e.g.: Synevo and Diagnostics.

Functioning of the medical institution assisted with system a determination lets OptiMED24 raise the level of provided services. Straight in the service the interface doesn’t cause problems while implementing letting be pleased with new functionalities.