24 May 2016

Online Shop

Full integration with the ERP system

Cormarch erp an e-shop is Comarch ERP iFaktury24 fully integrated with systems, Comarch ERP Optima, Comarch ERP XL and Comarch ERP Altum online shop allowing for the information transfer into the simplest manner. Data which are staying sent with the help of one click it among others goods with the current inventory balance, promotional sets, discounts and orders.

Unrestricted possibilities

One of the highly most valued virtues comarch erp the e-shop is possibility of taking the unlimited number of goods out, a size of the database is also unlimited, and magnitude of sent information between the system, and the shop.

Any alteration graphicses – the HTML editor and CSS for webmasters

Solutions weren’t also missing on the market of the mobile shopping, with the help of one click it is possible to adapt its shop to such appliances as smarfon whether tablet. Thanks to such a convenience customers of the e-shop can in the simple and fast way to make purchases from every place.

Mobile shop version

There were also solutions on the market for mobile shopping, with a single click, you can customize your shop to devices such as smarfon or tablet. Thanks to such a facilitating e-shop customers can easily and quickly make purchases from anywhere.

Enterprise, the shop for demanding

For more demanding customers a version of the Enterprise e-shop is being dedicated,  which applied functions streamlining the trade and system management. Solutions in the version Enterprise are directed into platforms Business to Business. In the Enterpirse price establishing to a maximum is predicted five independent with oneself of e-shops.

Sms notifications

The e-shop lets the completion of an order on informing customers of the status Comarch ERP through sms messages. The administrator can manage the message body and to choose stages in which they are supposed to be sent. There is a possibility of controlling sent news, thanks to the special report.


Data of customers is being protected into the advanced Comarch Center Date. The safety is guaranteed through stood I will grill of qualified administrators, modern security systems, led systematically archivings and backups. Customers of the e-shop can use the SSL certificate which additionally the safety of transmitted data is increasing.

Free sales on wszystko.pl

Wszystko.pl is the first Polish Internet retail park, which lets for presenting the assortment of all Comarch ERP users e-shop. Every Customer of the e-shop is able to take advantage of this service completely for free.

Integration with FreshMail

FrashMail is a popular system to e-mail of marketing, which e-shop is fully integrated from Comarch ERP. Thanks to this integration a possibility of the automatic and manual dispatch of subscribers exists for the FreshMail service in the destination of campaigning e-mail marketing.

Integration from Allegro

The allegro is the largest Polish commercial service, every day he comes up to hundreds of thousands of the transaction. The e-shop is Comarch ERP appropriately adapted for using this service, thanks to what a few clicks will be enough, in order to expose one’s goods to auctions. In the moment of finishing auction a possibility exists of automatic creating the order.

Integration from to compare of prices

For the customer it is most important to buy goods as cheap possible, therefore very much became popular to compare of price. The e-shop is Comarch ERP integrated with the largest services offering combinations of goods among others to Ceneo.pl, Skąpiec.pl and Nokaut.

Integration with payment schemes

Online a speed and a convenience are the best things of the payment. This determination is more often the chosen method than the traditional transfer. Thanks to the interaction with such services as Dotpay, PayU, Przelewy24, the PayPal in Comarch ERP it is possible to gain the e-shop many customers.

Integration with Trusted Shops

Thanks to the Trusted Shops certification of the Seller e-shop using Comarch ERP they can be sure that their e-shop is prepared for the filling of the most important legal obligations. An e-seller offers safe regulations of the shop to Trusted Shops along with the privacy policy and updates in the moment of amendments to the provisions. The configuration of the plug-in allows for showing on the side of any Trusted Shops elements among others quality mark, information about the certificate and the guarantee, advertising video, opinions and assessments of customers.

Facebook Shop

The most popular community Facebook portal offers the still unwound truly functional online shop. Using this solution it is possible to recruit the interest and the popularity in municipal where the Internet user is spending time the most. Thanks to the Comarch ERP cooperation e-shop of Facebookiem on the side it is possible to use the shop such plugs as: Connect with the Facebook account, button “I like it”, Comments.

Mechanisms supporting the positioning

So that the e-shop becomes popular must well be advertised, therefore is important so that he is well position in search engines. E-sklep from Comarchu he has a lot of possibility, which are helping with it through such functions as friendly links, defining finish of data: title of the side, keywords, description, generating the map of the side XML for the search engine Google, defining the robots.txt file, macros ProductName@ and GroupName@ to the ultimate title of the side, generating the map of the side for the Bing.com search engine.

Tools for reports and analyses

In being a success it is important the drawing of inferences from one’s action, the e-shop has Comarch ERP tools for reporting and analyses helping with it. Most important from them it e.g. most often looked through and sellers, the best contracting parties and value of orders in the given period. The application is integrated from Analytics Google, thanks to what it can keep advanced statistics, e.g. examining the rush on the website.