24 May 2016

Power BI

Power of “Power BI” into the Dynamics NAV 2016 Microsoft

The Dynamics NAV Microsoft was given to 2016 in the new widened functionality: the mobile mode of business solutions and services “cloud computing” for small and of medium-sized enterprises. It means that one’s obliging performing new investments in the offered ERP system for new look products is continuing the Microsoft.

With one of evidence for the fact that the NAV 2016 system is one of important components of the company the Microsoft is the fact that a dropped entirely new product stayed. MS Power BI is this product.

The Power BI Microsoft is brand new integration with the NAV 2016 system. Through Power BI, Dynamics NAV got the ability to the data transformation of the company into rich visual effects. With aim of such a manner of the transmission of data of the recipient so that collect and organise important components of functioning of the company in one place is and of showing them in legible and transparent manner. It will allow for the concentration on what is in the given moment most important for the company, in the short and long perspective of the development.


From Power BI in Dynamics NAV we are able to analyse information in every place in the world, both in the registered office for company as well as in the course of the business trip. It is possible thanks to putting all data from the system in the cloud.

BI of the NAV 2016 system has a predefined cockpit what he/she is marking that we can adapt him to own preferences. It allows extremely in detail to present all data it being interested in us in one place. Moreover the BI system allows into the simplest manner to create interactive reports serving deeper business analysis. With the most important virtue so of reports carried out there is a speed of creating them. The system in the main cockpit is showing “living” information about the company updated in the real time. It allows for the quickness to respond in case of unexpected changes on the market. The presentation of data takes place through graphs “Pie-Bubble”, Geographical maps, of given trees, graphs of the type funnel and many other.

The Power BI functionality specially is designed up to the specificity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). To crucial financial data owners of companies, managers or a senior staff are having access. He provides it with steel control over budget of the company.