24 May 2016


Manufacturing capacity in MS Dynamics NAV

Behind the help of the production module in MS Dynamics NAV, it is possible to increase the production productivity and effectively to manage the entire production process, in it production orders, material norms (Boom), with supply chain and with planning technological requirements. Flexibly designed processes and integrated information with remaining modules they will let the completion of an order for determining the date for the customer, quickness to respond for the newest requirements and changes and on thorough calculation of all costs incurred in a production process.

The production module contains in MS Dynamics NAV:

Material norms (Boom – Bills of Material) – this putting together the material/materials needed for the production of the determined finished product. MA Dynamics NAV has a system possibility of creating of a few versions BOM-ów and service of the multidimensional balance sheet all the way to the fiftieth level of the hollow. Managing used materials in the production takes place with the created route in the system.

Routes – the MS Dynamics NAV system is delivering the functionality of creating routes, of assigning costs for nests and workstations, of mark-ups and with managing the manufacturing capacity. The route determines the order of operations which are required for creating of finished product.

Planning a production process –  the MS Dynamics NAV system enables to create production programs through advanced sheets for production managers which taking the best decisions they enable.

Processing a production process – managing the manufacturing process in MS Dynamics NAV is divided in stages,  which we can freely define production processes in. Alone process is being begun with the planned production order, in which initially the Boom and the route are being assigned, which are generating automatically with the possibility of the alteration themselves. Individual action is resulting in a production process:


Managing gaps– managing gaps in MS Dynamics NAV allows for the registration of gaps to a few ways:

for raw materials in BOM-ie production,

in routes, e.g. by using the percentage share, in BOM-ie or for route, with the fixed amount.

Cooperation– order one or of a few operations for the supplier from the production order for the outside contracting party.

Production up to orders– function of the MS Dynamics NAV system he has able to plan production orders up to orders of the sale by automatic generating production orders directly from ordering the sale. In the course of the planning a booking of finished products is performed  to the order and created tracking both orders and of numbers of the series/batch for the finished product and consumed for the production of raw materials.

Forecasting and planning a production process– Dynamics NAV lets for predicting the material demand up to the production according to used norms. Changes are also possible of systematically forecast plans of the production demand both to materials as well as resources of the company. The mechanism using of the planning MPS (main schedule of the production) and MRP (making plans for the material demand).

Planning the manufacturing capacity– planning to exploit the manufacturing capacity (of nests of workstations working and attributed to them) he is held with the production calendar,  in which we can plan changes and free days for the entire year and according to these parameters the system will be planning the manufacturing capacity for production orders. Additionally I am inventorying the system: stoppages, non-productive time, burdens.