24 May 2016

Project management

Project management

The project management is a process of planning, organising, motivating and of control with resources of the enterprise, which we are ranking among: people, materials, services and relations occurring between them which let the achievement of the objective.

Imagine, that you have a tool for the project management, which the real-world image is giving to you, which point of the project you are in or you will be able to use the tool for forecasting of using your needed resources projects.

 The Microsoft Dynamics NAV  s giving such a possibility of control, which will contribute to the improvement in the relation with customers, productivities of a team of designers and will help to increase profits from conducted activity.

What, when and how much

Dealing all details with in the project is often very difficult to achieve. The Dynamics NAV Microsoft will allow for the detailed planning and accounting for individual stages of projects starting from designing the project budget by planning, the realization and accounting for stages or wholes of projects carried out.

Advanced reports which are portraying the accurate picture of settlements, of individual design processes, of entries, which are providing with complete information about all incurred costs of projects.

Additionally using the automation of processes it is easier to manage all processes of projects, to keep up with changes and hesitations between the plan, and with realization can increase the effectiveness in the project even repeatedly.

While using from Dynamisc NAV Microsoft for the project management we are able to combine projects and finances. Thanks to such a solution it is possible to get the better image about accounted costs so as labours cost, of materials and hard costs, which are affecting into the whole of the project. Thanks Dynamics NAV Microsoft precisely you will learn

about all costs and income incurred on projects and you will compare it with the plan, which was established.

Planning orders

Making plans for projects is leaning for lines of the planning, in detail which consuming resources they determine (working hours), of materials used in the project and of extra costs. The whole makes up the project plan which we can divide on:

Work in progress

Thanks to MS Dynamics Nav a project manager can plan to use resources and to supervise costs associated with using these resources in the specific project. Orders include using working hours of the device, of man-hours of the employee, of materials and other costs which influence the project. In case of long-term projects a possibility exists of transfer of costs on account of work in progress. Thanks to that for solution costs and income carried on projects it is possible to take into account in accounts of the income statement.


Actual costs up to budget

The budgetary control and the time of the implementation of projects are one of important tasks of a project manager. Report presenting actual costs of the project compared with budget in MS Dynamics NAV is a basic tool which he will let systematically track and to react for changes in the design process. Additionally the possibility of comparing quantitative consuming materials and stores will allow for current planning design abilities for all stores in the company.



The functionality of managing working hours enables to monitor and to register the wear and tear. Additionally he allows for the resource management. The manager has information about using the time on projects systematically thanks to what  can appropriately earlier identify and react for problems and delays in projects. With time sheets registering is possible using the time both for the employee as well as machines. Such a solution is facilitating the review of wear and tears on projects and allocation of the available resources.



Processes of planning, sale, wear and tear and the profit is possible for individual sources thanks to managing and planning stores in the MS Dynamisc NAV system, in which creating plans is possible using  calendars. The system is also delivering information about consuming resources (employees, machines) and about their design abilities.