23 May 2016

Comarch ERP Optima



Comarch ERP Optima it most popular in Poland program created            to the management small and with medium-sized enterprises from every industry. The program consists of modules which it is possible freely to buy some more during the development of the enterprise. An e-shop fully integrated with services allegro and wszystko.pl, as well as Mobiles rank among the functions worth the interest Sale very well adapted for sales representatives. Thanks to solutions built in he is a most willingly chosen software amongst accounting offices and tax advisers. Comarch ERP Optima trusted above 60 000 of Customers.

Comarch ERP system Optima is available in two models stationary and service, what users can comprehensively manage processes in the company through the Internet thanks to.

In case of choosing the second option the customer for the fixed monthly payment receives the access to providing software by the web browser.



  • Possibility any describing documents with features which will let use them in the process of reporting.
  • Automation of creating orders.
  • Service of advance invoices.
  • Possibility of the declaration of many types of discounts e.g. to goods, contracting party, group of contracting parties.
  • Automatically taken  courses in quotations of currencies.
  • Service of the completion.
  • Option of the any method of the evaluation of inventory balances.
  • Cyclical invoicing.
  • Service of substitutes.
  • Possibility of control of the payment from the level of the outside edition.
  • E-of the invoice
  • Fully synchronized magazines with the Internet sale (e-shop, allegro, wszystko.pl).
  • Service of many magazines with the internal moving.


  • Access to the information about the state of accounts with the contracting party irrespective of an made entries in daily newspapers.
  • Handling of many currencies.
  • Cooperation from any system home banking.
  • Possibility of creating of budgets and controlling carrying them out.
  • Access to historical trips of taking currencies down from the server with the National Bank of Poland.
  • Accounting templates – automatic decreeing documents.
  • From sale positions for the bookkeeping applying the possibility of sending documents works dispersed which is ensuring the safety of transmitted data thanks to UWD (authenticated data exchange).
  • Defining periodic postings.
  • Possibility of creating of own balance sheets based on functions of bookkeeping accounts (e.g. turnovers, balances).
  • Accounting buffer.
  • System enabling e-declarations storing the declaration.

Pays and Staffs

  • Full operation of employee cash registers relief-loan (periods of the membership, lending money, of allowances).
  • Possibility of defining own types of payments e.g. thirteens, premiums and the like.
  • Assigning to the employee in staffs of additional components of the remuneration along with the reading, to which payroll is supposed to become calculated.
  • Export of working hours and absence into MS Excel/Open Office Calc Office with the possibility of bringing a lot of information about the indeed worked time and new wearing out this data to the payroll program.
  • Defining own civil-legal agreements.
  • Possibility of serial leading of absence for employees.
  • Possibility of serial modifying data for employees – e.g. the change of the dimension of the job, or prolonging fixed term contracts.
  • Mass-produced prints e.g. of cards of income, tax returns, time sheets.
  • Of urging about dates drawing near, e.g. medical check-ups, trainings of the HSW or filing the ZUS declaration.
  • Interaction with recorders of working hours, in it with using Comarch Beacon modern technologies and of application e-employee, also RCP in the buffer.
  • Possibility of enumerating ZUS contributions and the declaration for owners.
  • Calculator of the net/gross remuneration.
  • Generating and inventorying personnel documentation.
  • Correcting fulfilled and posted payments.
  • Generating application ZUS declarations (ZUA, ZZA, ZIUA, ZWUA, ZCNA) along with the possibility of serial sending to the program Payer.
  • Of the down payment advance of the remuneration (gross down payments).
  • Letting describe attributes of employees with free information (features) with the possibility for using them in reporting, as well as for parametrizing of payments.
  • Wieloetatowość facilitating accounting with employed employees on many jobs.
  • E-declarations enabling sending the declaration tax return with electronic means for the chosen employee, or on a large scale.
  • Function of monitoring the amount of deductions, with keeping the minimum amount for the payment.
  • Letting the archive the data storage of former employees which it is possible in the simple way to restore.
  • Different payments method (e.g. transfer, cash) with the option of appointing other Recipient of the remuneration of the employee in full or in part (e.g. bailiff, spouse).
  • Generating files. xml to the system of the service of funding the SODiR program partially.
  • Possibility of settlements of hours of overtime in the any accounting period.
  • E-employee – mobile application letting for managing employees.


  • Registration of contacts with customers.
  • Planning tasks and the registration of performed activities.
  • Possibility of the cyclical invoicing.
  • Service of a company postbox.
  • Ofertowanie
  • Automatic debt collection (sending the message e-mail about unsettled payments, creating outlines of debt collection tasks, generating reminders of the payment through the email, blocking of the sale).


  • Register of all debit and credit – keeping accounts.
  • Control of the financial liquidity of the enterprise.
  • Cooperation with the home banking through network services of the data exchange – Service Web. Integration with banks: BPH, BGŻ BNP Paribas, ING Bank Śląski, Raiffeisen, Pekao SA
  • Accounting for business trips, including leading and accounting for domestic business trips for system currency.
  • Possibility of taking interest notes out, reminders of the payment and confirmations of balances.
  • Data exchange with banks through webserwisy.
  • Possibility leading the any quantity of cash desks and banking accounts also in the foreign exchange.


  • More effective business administration
  • Full cooperation between all modules unnecessarily of import/exporting or the synchronization of data
  • Adapting entitlements of operators
  • Exchange given between MS systems Office the Excel and Open Calc Office
  • Delivering the panel of the manager collectively key information from all areas of the functionality of the system
  • Adjustability of the belt of abbreviations of its needs
  • Introducing the set of ready analyses in the form tabular and graphical information collected in the system
  • Extensive possibilities of reporting
  • Possibility of putting the logo of the institution on generated prints
  • Possibility of saving documents in the pdf format with the function of the automatic addition to e-mail’a
  • Integration with the vocal Internet messenger
  • Mechanism built in of the automatic backup of the database to Comarch secure servers Center Date
  • Possibility of performing serial operations on documents