23 May 2016

Comarch ERP XL


Comarch ERP XL

It is integrated system for the business administration. He is being dedicated for service and commercial manufacturing companies from almost of all economic sectors. Computer high-tech solution of the Polish Comarch company, enabling the effective management in averages and large firms. The modular structure of the system is ensuring the flexibility for the user which independently in what areas of his company is deciding will be exploiting wide Comarch ERP XL abilities. Harmonious cooperation of available modules leaned against the work in one base, enables the development of the system depending on needs of the enterprise. From extended possibilities of the Comarch ERP XL system currently over 6500 companies are exercising.

The system is offered in two versions, server and through the internet remote access in the model SaaS (Software as a Sernice).


Comarch ERP XL modules

  • Sale
  • Orders
  • Production
  • Bookkeeping
  • Staffs
  • Business Intelligence
  • Administrator
  • Import
  • Document flow
  • Service
  • Fixed assets
  • CRM
  • Branches
  • Change of the operator



Dissolving the Comarch company very well is functioning in enterprises operating based on the discreet, serial, individual and procedural output. He is giving the possibility:

  • Of defining the technology
  • Of configuring the product
  • Schedule of the production both automatically and by hand
  • Of accounting for the production
  • Of the completion

These functions let for streamlining processes about production what it is possible to eliminate stoppages from the manufacturing process.

Additionally a conduct of business is giving the possibility to Comarch ERP XL service in the framework of the after-sales service of customers, as well as the realization of bulletin orders inside the company.


Distributive trade

Extended options of this module allow for the realization of the sale process through a lot of channels, additionally a possibility of distribution exists via the retail network. The whole of the sale is leaning through effective purchase functions among which among others the document management ranks and with purchase processes.

  • Handling of domestic and foreign business dealings of different kind, in it custom ( e.g. tax free, trade in scrap, trade in licensed goods, handling of the bail),
  • Elastic managing prices and discounts,
  • Generating extended promotions and discounts,
  • Constant scrutiny above credit ceilings of contracting parties and effective tools of administering payments,
  • Any appointing substitutes for individual selected positions and creating sets,
  • Straight realization of sales on a cash desk thanks to the application allocated for sellers working on touch screens,
  • Effective after-sales service – the register and the completion of the customer complaint, automatic corrections and the effective service of goods brought back.



Module to the consumer relationship management, contains tools giving the possibility of creating and monitoring all action associated with, both current and potential customers.

  • The archiving of the contact of every kind with customers, i.e. phone calls, messages email, of communication with internet messengers, or also traditional meetings,
  • Access to the information about contracting parties via the web browser,
  • The possibility of collecting and analyses of the information from the market ( preferences of customers, opinions on products, assessment of the cooperation and the like),
  • Reporting Intelligence Business in basing for available information about customers.


Inventory management


This module responsible for issues associated with stock processes. He is helping to create structures of the warehouse, effectively to arrange the assortment and also enables to organize the edition and the transport of products.

  • Service of the any quantity of magazines,
  • Supporting the management of the warehouse storage capacity,
  • Possibility of accepting and giving goods in all sorts packets, creating conversion factors of packages,
  • Possibility of generating a few bar codes for specific goods, join of them with stock addresses,
  • Service of Magazines of the High Storage,
  • Creating automatic orders based on user-specified criteria, preceded by generating the automatic plan of the demand,
  • Exploiting features of stores in the process of managing batches of goods,
  • Automation of defining calculating the bail, register of bails taken e.g. in relation to the trade in the returned empties,
  • Visualisation of the magazine with the possibility of moving on it.


Finances and the bookkeeping

Widely Finances and the bookkeeping allow to inventory extended options of the module economic events pursuant to applicable regulations. Additionally the system is giving the possibility of the company full of the situation analysis based on data financially – accountants. Correct leading enabling tools the accounts has enterprises.

  • Monitoring of costs
  • VAT under control
  • Managing the financial liquidity
  • Wide palette of payments method
  • Multi-currency
  • Taking into account specificities of financial products
  • Register of components of the non-current asset
  • Depreciation of components of the non-current asset
  • Dynamic reporting


This module lets create various balance sheets, graphs, maps through the data transformation, obtained reports let the managing staff make decisions based on systematized, honest information.

  • Of analysis business,
  • Effective controlling,
  • Mobile access to the module,
  • Comarch Smart Analytics,
  • Financial consolidation,
  • Budgeting

Staffs and pays

This module has the tools needed for the conduct of operations staff – payroll in small, average as well as large enterprises with the extended organizational structure. The flexible system allows for configuring by the user additional, custom functions, as well as enables to adapt action to provisions brought up to date.

  • Accounting among others for civil-legislative agreements and accounting for owner-s access to a full range of declarations filed to ZUS and the revenue office,
  • Sending the ZUS declaration to the program Payer,
  • Sending the PFRON declaration and SODiR Offline,
  • Sending tax e-declarations to servers of the Ministry of Finance,
  • Printouts of tax returns,
  • Service of the full trial pauroll and personnel – from taking the employee in, through all operations concerning his settlements, all the way to the termination of an employment contract and de-registering it from insurance,
  • Supporting defining elements of the remuneration, making conditional their height on working hours, absence or the work experience,
  • Preparing the cash payment and transfers to current accounts of employees,
  • Automatic information about costs of the remuneration.


Document flow

Tools of this module allow for efficient archiving documents and the management with them.

  • Possibility of determining processes of the document flow,
  • Sending and controlling entitlements of operators to use documents and folders (access, edition, removing),
  • Possibility of associating the file with specific Comarch ERP XL HR system components as well as the subject,
  • Rewarding defining attributes with documents, enabling simple searching in the process,
  • Three options of attaching documents in the program, the physics regulation in the database, determining the access path to disks of the computer or the regulation in the iBard24 service.


Comarch ERP XL additional possibilities

Mobile Comarch solutions

Mobile tools allow for the access to the information from the ERP system from every place in the sun.

  • Comarch ERP Mobiles sales manager
  • Comarch ERP Mobiles Sale
  • Comarch BI of Messages
  • Comarch WMS Storeman


e – Commerce

Possibility of the sale of products and services with the Internet. Comarch is giving the possibility of implementing the e-shop fully with XL compatible with the system. ERP thanks to prepared graphical templates and creating the structure of the online shop based on data included in the system, implementing the new channel of the selling is possible using little financial resources and temporary.


Electronic exchange of documents (EDI)

Comarch ERP XL in collaboration with provides the effective and safe data exchange for Comarch EDI in the entire supply chain. Within a few days your company can begin the electronic communication with all partners, irrespective of their technological progress and geographical area.