23 May 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A Dynamics NAV Microsoft is a business basic tool giving new opportunities, which largely will contribute to it, you will always be step before the competition. This is software, which over 120,000 companies is exploiting in the world.

The Dynamics NAV Microsoft is characterizing the system functionality, intuition of interface and elastic to individual needs and requirements of the Customer. The system is guaranteeing full comfort of the work, thanks to the possibility of the access to it from every place, about the any time and using the any device (tablet, computer, phone).

Possibilities a system offers which Dynamics NAV Microsoft they are ensuring the highest level of the manage a company:

  • The most popular ERP system from the family of products Microsoft
  • Used in the routine work by over 120,000 companies from the entire world
  • Rich and systematically extended  functionality
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Certificate of conformity with the Polish Accounting Act
  • Integration from Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft AZURE

A Dynamics NAV Microsoft is a tool which lets to streamline action in all areas of the company.

Using the system Microsoft for NAV Dynamics it is possible:

  • To limit unnecessary costs
  • To make impossible an unfavourable decisions
  • To receive detailed insight into functioning of the company,
  • To improve and better to organize the work of employees

 Efficient business administration it:

  • Fast and real return from investment with the help e.g. of purchase of the system in the licence along with streamlining the functioning of the company
  • Reducing cost labours through the automation of the routine work and of lack of the need of copying the same data
  • Increasing the productivity of employees at using e.g. the common database, thanks to is which the possible faster information exchange.
  • Efficient and credible reporting thanks to the possibility of the system integration from Microsoft Excell, Microsoft Power BI
  • Straight, bright access to crucial of information through the work on the shared database
  • Streamlining of processes behind the matter built in functionalities of workflow and of innovative technology Microsoft
  • Decrease amounts of wrong decisions thanks to the increased control over the enterprise
  • Improvement labour organization thanks to the unique user interface Microsoft Dynamics

Optimization of the stock control: 

  • Lowering the level of reserves through e.g. graphical analysis of the availability of reserves in the time or for MRP mechanisms
  • Delivery for the time as a result of the functionality of promises of the order processing (ATP/CTP)
  • Better use a storage space in the result advanced for service of the magazine whether of functionality built in of  High Warehouse Storage (WMS)
  • Decrease of time of packing and taking resources using the registration of orders of instruction from stock instructions or functionalities of complementation

The highest level of accounting control: 

  • Optimization of the time and expenses of keeping accounting in the result e.g. automatic mechanisms to account documents
  • Higher verification receivables and of obligations behind the agency of automatic check of merchant credits tied together with integration with the home banking
  • Good decisions being based on a better quality of data  as a result of the work on one database shared
  • Effective analysis of financial data behind the matter of functionality built in of multivariate analyses.

Benefits from the implementation Dynamics Nav Microsoft

 Reduction in inventory balances (supplies)

Basic benefit from the ERP implementation of the system, visible for the department of the logistics and of storing, lowering is inventory balances. Improvement in the planning and of organization in the material economy after the ERP implementation of the system he can cause the substantial reduction level of the kept wrestling. Reduction in supplies (of element which the significant participation of the assets of a company constitutes) she in addition isn’t usually disposable, since implementation Dynamics NAV Microsoft he enables the long-lasting control of inventory balances and in the process reducing costs of supporting them.


Measurable element of process

Expected benefits

  • Reducing total distribution costs
  • Improvement in the punctuality of supplies
  • Reduction in the level of supplies
  • Reducing the cost and the time of the import/export
  • Improvement in using the storage space
  • Reduction in times of taking and packing
  • Reducing costs of implementation deliveries
  • Reduction the level of supplies by the 30%
  • Improvement in the punctuality of supplies from the 70% up to the 87%
  • Reducing transport costs of supplies by the 20%
  • Reduction in average distance and the time of supplies by the 33%
  • Increasing rotation of supplies by the 20%


Cost cutting material

From the perspective of the buying department and supplies with basic benefit from the ERP implementation of the system there is a reduction costs of material. The Dynamics NAV Microsoft lets to determine anticipated demand to materials and goods, of requiring with regard to conditions and of next times of supplies. In the enterprise, in which the system is introduced Dynamics NAV Microsoft, keeping high inventories isn’t necessary, what can next conduct activity for the reduction of costs.


Measurable element of process

Expected benefits

  • Improvement in dates and conditions of supplies
  • Reducing   from costs of the shopping
  • Reducing storage costs
  • Improvement handlings of liabilities
  • Improvement in the selection of suppliers
  • Reduction in the response time of suppliers for the request for proposal by the 80%
  • Removal expenses of the cooperation with suppliers by the 40%
  • Removal expenses of the shopping about 5-10 %



Reduction in workloads and production costs

Reducing workloads certainly it will be appreciated through production departments. ERP implementation of the system can also lead, among others through smaller shortages of resources, low figure of stoppages, of repeating and hours of overtime.

Minimization of deficiencies with the help of MRP analysis and better labour organization they let the order processing as a rule for shortening the time, avoiding disruptions, efficient inspection of performed tasks. The Dynamics NAV Microsoft lets focus on elaborating the best methods of action, for increasing the quality and the work output.


Measurable element of process

Expected benefis

  • Efficiency improvement of the production
  • Reduction in overheads of the production
  • Cost cutting of materials
  • Improvement of the quality of the production
  • Improved accessibility of raw materials
  • Extending the time ,, life\s ” of tools
  • Reduction in the number of gaps (of mistakes) production


  • Availability of raw materials improved from the 80% to the 97%
  • Reduction in overtime of employees of the 25%
  • Increasing the productivity of machines and production lines 5-20 %
  • Reducing the labour intensity harmonogramowania of production of the 10%


The improvement of the quality of the customer service and the sale growth

It is primary benefit from the ERP implementation of the system for a sales department. As a result of the implementation of the system Dynamics NAV Microsoft organization of the sale process and can undergo the production for significant improvement. To contribute it can for increasing the quality the customer service and the sale growth.

To the improvement in the relation with customers fulfilling the time is enjoying considerable influence and of conditions of supplies. In the end it can lead customers to the growth of satisfaction and the loyalty.  From a point of view of the enterprise, salesmen can concentrate of sale, instead of on investigating the customer complaint and for explaining mistakes in previous supplies.

In the case of products produced to order, proper calculations allowing for the evaluation of orders they can be drafted by salesmen or with time of even very customers. Higher quality customer services can also to lead to the reduction numbers of lost contracts and of increasing the potential volume of trade.



Measurable element of process

Expected benefis

  • The improvement in the accuracy of orders and increasing the number of supplies on time
  • Improvement in the accuracy of forecasts
  • More effective strategy of prices and the promotion
  • Improvement in the realization of supplies according to peculiar expectations of customers
  • Efficiency improvement of sales departments
  • Reduction in the time of the order processing about 90 %
  • Reduction in the number of the phones needed for the order processing about 80 %
  • Improvement in the accessibility of products to the sale from 80 % up to the 98%


Increasing the level of checks for the accountant

To primary benefits from the ERP implementation of the system visible from the perspective of the financial department increasing the level is included of accounting control. Better inspection procedures of the payment amounts due can considerably shorten the time of the flow, , in the process letting the enterprise keep the financial liquidity.

The Dynamics NAV Microsoft enables also an automation of the process of invoicing, possibility of preparing term balance sheets and keeping up with back payment. Possibility of checking the debt of the customer on the stage of placing an order by him and more efficient order processing to lead perhaps for further limiting problems with the collection rate of the amount due.

ERP systems can also enable enterprises better tracking of conditions of financial supplies, what the more detailed planning enables of cash flows and paying only for these invoices, which are becoming due. Thanks to that a level of the kept balance of cash can lower.


Measurable element of process

Expected benefis

  • Improvement  in the time and costs of consolidation of data
  • Improvement in the inspection of the amount due and obligations
  • Improvement in the productivity of the staff
  • Better support for the decision making based on economic data
  • Reduction in the time of closing financial periods by the 50%
  • Reduction in the number of employees by the 25%
  • Height of the number of granted discounts with title of the earlier payment by the 230%
  • Shortening the time of the repayment of the amount due by the 20%


The effective management demands the good insight. ERP systems are giving the insight into business mechanisms appearing in your enterprise. Being supposed to them more easily to pick the access for us game plan of individual individuals in the company. Apart from very knowledge systems Dynamics Nav Microsoft

( Navision) is providing with tools for planning action. He is helping also to guard so that our aims are realized. Also an access to all financial data, transaction, profit and loss is giving what is packing systematically to implement needed changes.

Thanks to diverse answers it is possible to come up to every customer individually. So much time isn’t already filling offers, creating different price lists depending on the contracting party and the system of discounts what before. The customer thanks to that is feeling important for us what his satisfaction from proposed services is growing by. The system of BI analyses is of help very much in estimating direction of the business progress and lets quickly correct the picked rate.

 Dynamics Nav Microsoft (Navision) it is an integrated system, which in easily is adapting to enterprise data helping to solve a lot of trade issues. He is never staying in the place. The functionality of the program is widening along with the business progress. The multi-currency and the multilingualism are assisting relations with foreign contracting parties. The remote contact with the system lets to the access to needed data from the any place supporting works pose office.