23 May 2016

Office 365

Office 365 is a guaranteeing tool lightning communications business and cooperations inside the company thanks to the Access to all documents from etery place in the world. Office 365 allows for organizing meetings online to 250 persons, reserving meeting halls, of company cars, it is only a small fragment of the possibility of this package.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is facilitating the communications between employees and customers, you not have already to devote the time for journeys in order to meet. Thanks to the favour For Skype you can organize the Business of coming across the place  from everyone and organizing. A possibility ranks among particularly significant functionalities organizing the videoconference to 250 persons, setting the date of meetings from the level of the mail, conducting surveys, making the desktop available and leading of interactive presentation.

Exchange Online

Office 365 also offers professional an access had an electronic mail, to which you will be both from the level of every browser as well as smartfona whether of tablet. The service allows also for planning events in the calendar, bookings of such stores like meeting halls or service vehicles not leaving from Outlook.

OneDrive For Business

Office 365 offers to as many as 1 TB of the place in the virtual disk. Thanks to such applying the worker of the company they will have a safe access to important documents from every place. Using OneDrive it is possible in the simple way to make chosen materials available with one click, and thanks to the synchronization it is possible to work also under the procedure offline. The safety of company documents is guaranteed by made backups on servers Microsoft.

Sharepoint Online

Sharepoint is a sernice thanks to which you can organize works of teams in cabinets. Applying such a solution it is possible in the simple way to share documents with chosen partners, to which they are having access from the browser and from the synchronized library. Additionally it is possible to put such applications like the list of tasks in cabinets, boards dubious and postbox with the calendar.